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Situated south of Vythiri town, Pookote is a fresh water lake surrounded by evergreen forests and stunningly beautiful scenic beauty. A tributary of the Kabani River originates from the lake and then tumbles down into a valley. An aquarium filled with an excellent array of fishes is an attraction for guests as well. Recreational infrastructure facilities at the spot include boating, a park for children and an emporium that offers handicrafts and spice spices.

The lush greenery of the hills, gorges and the streams seen on both sides of the passage up to the top of the hill. Guests often stop by at this vantage point with panoramic views of a valley. Most visitors stop beside a Ficus tree with a chain around its trunk. This tree is part of a myth - that a tribal youth, Karinthandan, guided a British engineer in cutting their path through these ancient forests. It is said that once the engineer had achieved his objective he decided that the tribal was dispensable and killed him. The myth purports that to this day, that the unfortunate young man’s soul is chained to the tree, exiled inside by a priest who wanted it to stop tormenting travellers passing by.