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Adithya Luxury Villas is situated beside the womb of a dense tropical forest in the Western ghat mountains, where the landscape is interspersed with waterfalls and home to a fascinating array of fauna and flora. Simply irresistible to travellers with an enduring passion for adventure and nature... there is always something for everyone here.

On the fringes of the Sugandhagiri forest in Vythiri, Adithya Luxury Villas is situated about 700 meters above the sea level. The weather here is relatively cooler than in other parts of Wayanad, and combined with the area’s bio-diversity, a fascinating array of flora and fauna, they are compelling attractions for travellers from all over. Adithya Luxury Villas is a delightful bundle experiences, for the curious traveller seeking to discover the delights of the hills and surrounding forests and for guest opting for the restorative properties .

The resort is situated on a hill slope and comprises of vividly coloured cottages with sloping roofs that are elegantly furnished and equipped with the state of the art in amenities. Surrounded by gardens that contain fruit trees and flowering plants, with scenic views of the surrounding mountains and forests, stone paved pathways wind through the all with spectacular views and superlative service. Guests will be accompanied by the fascinating calls of birds too diverse to state, the barks of deer, the trumpeting of an elephant and much more. Greet a fabulous sunrise, venture into the forest, commune with nature.