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Situated on a knoll, Coffee Routes is a nature getaway inspired by the dictum that less is more and the firm belief that nature must thrive unfettered. Coffee is the predominant theme here with the rooms and facilities named after different species and varieties of coffee. A tarmac road winds uphill to an open to the air lobby. Inside the seats are all fashioned from rock found in the area. The resort’s multi cuisine restaurant with a splendid view of the surrounding vegetation, a plain stretching up to the mountains in the distance, is situated above the lobby. The path climbs further to a block of accommodations. On an edge of the knoll is a cluster of twin floored cottages overlooking the swimming pool.

Coffee Routes is situated in an area exclusively zoned for plantations and nature reserves ensuring pristine surroundings. The 4 acre property contains 1.5 acres of built up space and the landscape is lush with a fascinating variety of trees, flowering and medicinal plants, designed to adhere to the ‘Star Forest’ concept that delineates a tree for every star in the astrological constellations. Coffee Routes is an authentic natural experience, of nature the way nature meant it to be.